Herakles Farms appreciates the opportunity to develop sustainable oil palm plantations in regions of great economic need and incorporates community engagement into all stages of planning and development. Measures include:

  • direct communication and negotiation with land owners and the local population when leasing land
  • continuous communication with local populations on land development plans
  • support for local independent farmers (smallholders) to produce food crops and engage in animal husbandry, including training on environmental best practices, crop diversification, efficient resource utilization, pricing and alternative sources of protein to reduce bush meat hunting
  • support of local small-and-medium-sized enterprise (SME) development both through sourcing and procurement, as well as through social programming
  • contributions to community schools, hospitals, health clinics, clean water facilities and community programming
  • already installed six wells in Ghana and is currently installing several wells in Cameroon, with more to be added in each country
  • will share roads and infrastructure with local communities wherever feasible
  • partnership with All for Africa, a nonprofit with a collaborative approach to poverty reduction by working the private sector to foster projects that generate economic and social benefits in the communities in which they are located (programs focus on agriculture, clean water, community health, education, energy, environmental impact, micro-financing and skills training/livelihood creation)


Please click on the below links to for further detail on company policies, initiatives and best practices:

 Environmental & Social Impact Assessment


 Stakeholder and Community Engagement

 Social Projects for Workers / Communities