Herakles Farms respects the biodiversity in the region in which it operates and strives to preserve and enhance the surrounding ecosystem. To this end, the company has committed to:

  • not planting on any primary forest, high conservation value forest (HCVF) or peat lands, and is taking measures to enhance and protect any such areas in or bordering its concession
  • creating buffer zones between its planted area and HCVF
  • a no burning land policy
  • a zero-discharge oil extraction mill design that will
  • include methane capture and / or effluent treatment for utilization as a nutrient-enriched source of water and organic fertilizer for the trees
  • be energy self-sufficient, so as not to place extra demand requirements on the power grid
  • planting leguminous crops and beneficial flora to reduce use of non-organic herbicides and to enhance water retention
  • not use chemicals classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Type 1A or 1B, nor use the International Finance Corporation (IFC)-sanctioned paraquat
  • adopting an integrated pest management system (IPM) to reduce the need for pesticides
  • prohibiting hunting within its concession, and among its employees, in the neighboring protected areas


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